Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Accurate 1776 British Infantry

Well after a lot of searching around the Net. I decided that it would be better for me to paint miniatures 1/72 scale. These are about 1 inch in height. Looking through Toy soldier Company web site I decided to buy some Miniatures from 1776 American War of Independents. The first set That I painted was the British. After a lot of confusion on what the uniforms looked like from searching on the net. I decided to paint them to match all the different uniform colors that I seen for the British of 1776. They were all red coats it was just the collars that were different colors.  Here is what the set looks like before I painted them.
 This set is created by a company that goes by the name Accurate. I thought that this would be a cool set to paint considering there was a flag bearer and a drummer to go with it. This set comes with 50 Miniatures. The number of how many comes in a cretin pose is in brackets under the miniature. This is what the set looks like after I painted them. The bases are made afterwords and I will explain how I make the bases in another future post. If you do have questions please ask!!
I think that these came out well!!! Can any one tell me what is wrong with the Flag? You can see it better on the close up picture in this post. I have not changed the flag to remind me to pay attention going forward in my miniature career. When someone finally comments what is wrong with it I will tell you what happened. Here are some single shots of some of the miniatures in this set. The first one will show the size comparable to my finger.

I hope that you all like my first shot at painting 1/72 scale miniatures. The next post It will be the American 1776 miniatures.


  1. The 1776 flag should be red and white stripes not solid red. Am I right?

  2. Nope. This is the Queen Ann's Flag. This is where our Ontario Flag came from. The colors on the flag are correct. The answere is the Flag is backwards. The Union Jack on the flag should be on the side of the Flag pole. The right side. When I was painting this I was looking at a picture of the flag and painted it in reverse. Still don't want to change it.