Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The First Set Of Miniatures Painted

So I received my first set of miniatures and now it was time to paint them. Where do I start? I pulled out my old box of Testors paints and sorted out the colors. I did not have much to work with so I decided to go out and buy more. I went to a Hobby shop on Dundas Street called North Star Hobbies. They had a huge selection. This is where I noticed the Enamel paints called Model Master. "Hum.... These look good." I picked up the colors that I needed and headed home to start. I started with the Napoleonic French set. This was my first set. I did not do any research on the uniforms or looked at any pictures. I just went by my High school memory and from what I seen on television. Looking back at these pictures made me realize how far I have gone in only two years of painting miniatures. The detail on these suck!!! But hey, this is my first set. You will see how I get better in future posts. I'm a little off on the uniforms.

I forgot to mention that when I was at North Star Hobbies I also picked up some fake grass and glue. I thought that it would be cool to try. It's not bad!!! Now on with the 1776 British soldiers. Same as the Napoleonic, no research except from what I remember from the Mel Gibson movie "The Patriot". These were more fun to paint because there was a little more detail in the plastic. I'm starting to learn how important it is to have a good molded miniature. It matters!!! Here are the red coats!!!! Remember I'm still learning.

As I was working on the British I thought that I would paint a couple to look like the French of 1776. I needed to do something for the French of Quebec. After all it was because of that one trip that I started this fantastic hobby that wives around the world hate. Actually not just wives. I told my friend Damien about this and he called me an old man. I guess it takes a certain type of person to get involved in this type of hobby. I think I'm committed for life!!
Next post: How I changed My miniature decision completely!!!!!


  1. This is not bad for a first time.

    1. Kudos to a great start! Welcome to our crazy little hobby:)

  2. Thanks. If I only new about years ago!!!!👍