Sunday, February 26, 2012

Zvezda Set 8005 V-IV Century Greek Infantry

It's about time. This was the Set that I wanted to post last time. I thought that this post would end up in March. I'm glad that I was wrong. I had a lot of fun painting this set. Although my Infantry colors do not match the Shields of the soldiers, I still think they came out great. This set is made by Zvezda. The only problem that I had with this set is the fact that each Greek City was molded in the same pose. Greece was separated by different cities back in the V and IV Century. Before and after that period as well. Each City had it's own symbol or Picture representing that city on their shield. This left me with options. Do I paint each city in it's own pose? Or do I disregard the Shields and paint four different cities? Well, because I wanted a larger amount of soldiers per city, I decided to paint four cities. After they were all painted I was pleased in the choice that I made. I will explain were I got the inspiration for each city group as the post continues. As for now, this is what the set looks like before it is painted.
As you can see in this picture. I was stuck with one leader and musician. This meant that I had to dedicated them to only one city group. I think I did well when it came down to segregating the units. Let the pictures begin.

This is the first group that I painted. This group was not painted to represent a city. I actually decided to paint this group after Achilles and his mercenary group in the movie Troy. What a great movie it was!!! I like the way these turned out with gold on black. On to the next Group.

This City group is cool as well. I painted these to represent more common Greek cities. As far as I know, (most likely due to the fact that the majority of the figures on the back of box set are painted like this) This is what the majority of the Greek soldiers wore when it came to colors. So there really is not a city for this group but rather a reflection of common military. On to the next one.
I painted this group after another movie. I can not remember the name of the movie. I thought it had Arnold Schwarzenegger in it. I guess not because I just searched IMDb's web site for his movies and it was not there. When I find out , I will post it. I was watching the movie while I was painting another set. I thought it would be cool to paint this set like the soldiers in the movie. They had light blue uniforms like this. If anyone know what movie I'm talking about please let me know.

This  is the group that I decided to use the leader and the musician with. These guy's are painted after the Spartans. These guy's were famous for there military strength and brutality. This group was by far my favorite one to paint. Yes I got the inspiration from the movie 300. Looks like all four cities were painted after movies. Probable not the best idea. Here are some single shots to finish the post off.

Well that wraps up this post. Please leave comment if you have them. Next post will be in the same Era!!! Until then.

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