Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Lucky Toys King Porus's Army

Well let's start off by saying that this is not set I had in mind for this months post. I just happened to finish re basing this set before the set I wanted to post this month. That's OK. We will just have to wait another month. I wish I could post a new set every week!!! I have a 19 month old son and a 4 month old daughter. Those with kids can understand that I do not have all the time in the world. I'm lucky if I get a total of 3-4 hours a week when it comes to my miniatures. I'm sure I have more then 4 hours of free time a week but I'm not going to spend it all on miniatures. After all I like to pretend that I have a life still. Let's get on with this set shall we.

This set is made by a company with the name of Lucky Toys. I'm so not happy with the quality of these miniatures. For more then one reason. The plastic used for the casting of these miniatures is soft. This does mot work well for me as I paint with enamel paint. I do not use Primer but I do spray all my miniatures with Flat White testors spray paint. This seems to work well for me as long as the miniatures are hard plastic. When I painted these miniatures only half a sprue(the part the miniatures are on from the box). came out dry and ready to paint. The other half on the sprue it was like the plastic was melting. The paint would not dry on them it would just stay wet and sticky. So I decided to paint what I could out of this set since I paid for them anyways. I was not to happy with the detail on the molds but I had to do the best I could. They are a little smaller then 1/72 scale although they are advertised as 1/72 scale. The reason I bought this set in the first place was because of the elephant. I had spent some time painting soldiers and this set offered an Elephant three horses and a chariot. I thought it would be fun painting something a little different. It was fun but frustrating. Perhaps because of the quality. One thing that will remain is that I will not buy from Lucky Toy's again.

This is what the set looks like before I painted them. You can see what I had to throw away as well.

Basically all the Infantry units had to go. I do think that the Elephant came out pretty good for a first time. I guess I could look at this set as set that I could practice with. These were painted before my Americans but after my British. Well enjoy.

Like I said I'm totally not happy with the paint job and this set in whole. I took the time to paint it so I will take the time to post it. Stay tuned for the next post. Same Era different Army.


  1. Was the comma button on your keyboard broken? Lol.

  2. love your work!!!!!!!!!!!
    great painting

  3. great work Paul. well done. keep it up.
    can't wait to see another set.
    love mom xoxox