Friday, December 9, 2011

The Hobby Begins

Let's start off this blog with a little history on how I started out with this fantastic hobby. It all started back in the year 2009. My wife Sandra decided that she wanted to have a winter vacation in old Quebec. We both decided that it would be fun to stay one week while the famous La Carnival was going on. What a great Idea!!! On the way to Quebec by train I decided to pick up a booklet that had some French and British soldiers on it. Hum... What is this? I asked my self. Reading the booklet I leaned about the battle of the plains of Abraham. I told my wife Sandra about it. Sandra just laughed and replied. "What, you didn't know about it?" Supposedly it was taught in school. So I remarked back. "Well the battle must of only lasted 10 minutes since I never heard about it before." When we arrived at the hotel in old Quebec I maid friends with an old French man that ran the desk in the midnight hours. We started talking about the battle and I had to ask him how long it lasted. When he told me that it only lasted 15 minutes I had to stop my self from laughing. I WAS RIGHT!!! I did not want to laugh in front of him because the French lost due to many dubious mistakes.
As my wife Sandra and I browsed the local shops in old Quebec I stumbled upon a shop that had so many painted military figures on glass shelves. I just had to check it out. When I walked up to the shelves I was stunned. I could not believe how cool they looked and how well they were painted. I wanted to buy 100's of them. They were about 54mm in height and they had British and French soldiers. I picked one up and looked at the bottom of it to see how much it was. $85.00 for one!!!!!! Holy shit!!! I slowly put the figure back on the shelf and took a step back. "I can't afford this." That was the end of that dream. On the way home from Old Quebec I pondered on what I can do to fill my needs to play God with little army men.
Stay tuned for the next post to find out what I did next.

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