Monday, March 19, 2012

ZVEZDA 8034 Republican Roman Infantry

The Romans are here!!! The next chapter in my blog. Or should I say the next set in my collection? I guess ether or. This set was fun to paint. Zvezda has great quality molds. This makes it more easy to paint the miniatures. When you come across a set that has been produced with bad molds, you have to use your imagination to make them look proper. I painted this set a while ago. I just finished re basing them yesterday. Some of you might look at the uniforms that the miniatures are waring and disagree with my colouring. In fact it was hard in those days to have all soldiers waring the same thing. Most soldiers had to find cloth them selves to make there own uniform. These units were painted after one of my favorite PC games. "ROME TOTAL WAR" For those of you who know the Total War series, you know that Total war games are the best!!! Anyways. On the front cover of the game it shows the insignia of the Romans with black on red. I have used that for this set. It is not the Yellow/Gold on red shields that we are used to seeing. I'm sure a set of those will come in the future. As for now this is what I have brought to the table of my miniature wars!! Below is what the set looked like before it was painted.
I agree with you. It's a nice looking set!! This set just makes me want to paint more Romans. Take a look at them once I painted them.

Well I hope that you all have enjoyed this post. Remember that you comments are always welcome. Don't be afraid to criticize as well!! Next post I step into a different era. Till then.

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  1. Thanks for posting, helped us a lot with ideas for details and to buy colours. Leo