Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Accurate 1776 American Militia

So here it is. The next set completely finished. After painting the 1776 British infantry I needed to have the American side.This set was cool because it had a wide selection of uniform and out outfits to paint. Half the set (25) units came wearing the normal blue uniform that we all know. The other half (25) came wearing different  clothes of the time period. I was able to paint all (25) of these ones different so that not one was alike. In stead of putting all 50 units on one placement tray like I did to the the 1776 British Infantry, I decided to split the trays so that I could segregate the differences. All and all I have 50 units per American and British. I think in the future I will make a chess like game where I can fight off these painted soldiers of 1776. This is what the set looked like before I painted them.
Like I said in the last post. The number of poses are reflected by the number in brackets under each unit. I think that my favorite two units in this set would be the captain and the unit with the two pistols. The unit with the two pistols shows the beginning of the stereotypical American. (Guns blazing). Now that you have seen what they look like before they are painted, I will show you the finished product.
 So this is what they look like after they have been painted. I think that they look sweet!!!! Please post your comments and follow the blog at www.pjrminiaturewars.blogspot.com. Thanks for taking the time to read this post. Stay tuned for next time where I step into a different era.


  1. Beautiful work! I tried painting some of these myself. The poses are great!

    1. Thanks. I'm sure they will get better the more I do.

  2. Your details are exceptional and your color contrasted emulates precise replication of the true military uniforms nicely done.

  3. Details of this degree without a dealt are exceptional that warrants professionalism,

  4. Thanks for the wonderful comments!!!