Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ITALERI Set 6019 Teutonic Knights

Just like a promised, a different Era. This set was fun to paint. This will be the last post you will see with the miniatures on these types of bases. I have been using 25mm X 25mm for Infantry and 25mm X 50mm for the cavalry. After Basing these cavalry with the 25mm X 50mm base I decided that I did not like the size. They are good for single Dioramas or war hammer figures and 28mm figures. Since I paint 1/72 scale miniatures I think 20x20mm bases suit the figures better. I have also decided that the bases should not have the bevel on the sides. This will be better for war gaming. You will see how I base my miniatures in the next post to come.
This was my first Middle Ages set. I picked the Teutonic Knights because they look a little more evil. The black on white makes them stand out. Italeri did a great job sculpting these figures. This made painting the faces so much better. I was able to get more detail out of them. This is what they look like before I painted them.

This set came with 17 mounted miniatures. I did enjoy painting the horses and can't wait to paint more. This is what the set looks like once I painted them.

As you can see I have tried something different when it comes to taking pictures of my miniatures. I think this way looks better. Well that's it for this post. Any questions feel free to ask. Looking forward to the nest post.

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